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What is sativa marijuana strain?

While not all sativa marijuana strains will energize you, most consumers notice a tendency for sativa to produce a “head high,” an uplifting, stimulating effect. They also often report sativa as being helpful in mitigating stress or anxiety, and many consumers enjoy sativas to sharpen focus and boost creativity/motivation.

Sativa effects

Common effects associated with sativa marijuana strains include feeling happy, uplifting, euphoric, and energetic. Sativas are often thought of as “daytime” strains, used for feeling productive, creative, and focused, and for getting chores done. Buy cannabis online malaysia, buy cheap weed online usa, buy grams of weed online, buy kush online USA, buy legal weed online USA, buy marijuana for sale  USA, buy marijuana online Asia, buy marijuana online Australia, buy marijuana online CA, buy marijuana online discreet packaging, buy marijuana online Europe, buy marijuana online Kuwait, buy marijuana online Latin American, 

Popular sativa marijuana strains

There are many sativa marijuana strains to try, and you’ve likely heard of some of the most popular. Most dispensaries should stock at least some of these sativa weed strains as they’re generally a crowd-favorite. 

With sativa comes a boost in serotonin, which regulates learning, mood, sleep, anxiety, and appetite. It works to help combat chronic pain and can aid in easing and treating anxiety and depression. Some even enjoy a bit of sativa before physical activity—we love some pre-yoga sativa to get really into the om zone.

What is marijuana indica?

Not all indica marijuana strains will put you “in da couch,” but nevertheless, many consumers associate indicas with full-body effects, for example, heavy limbs or a tingly face. They also report indicas as being helpful in aiding relaxation and curbing insomnia. Bumarijuana online.  Buy cannabis online malaysia, buy cheap weed online usa, buy grams of weed online, buy kush online USA, buy legal weed online USA, buy marijuana for sale  USA, buy marijuana online Asia, buy marijuana online Australia, buy marijuana online CA, buy marijuana online discreet packaging, buy marijuana online Europe, buy marijuana online Kuwait, buy marijuana online Latin American, buy marijuana online middle East, buy marijuana online UK.  

Indica effects

Common effects associated with indica strains include feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, and sleepy. Indicas are commonly known as “nighttime” strains, used for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the night.  order weed online at Weed4high Cannabis Dispensary. Buy weed online . We know no borders and thus ship worldwide right after we receive your payment via BTC and gift cards. Where to buy weed online , buy buds online USA, Buy Marijuana online USA . Also, you can order  Marijuana online  worldwide shipping, mail order marijuana online USA. weed . Further more, Buy marijuana online UK, buy kush online Asia, online dispensary shipping USA, buy kush online with bitcoin USA. Also, Order weed online USA, Legit online dispensary shipping USA ,  online dispensary shipping worldwide.  More so, Order real marijuana online USA, buy weed edibles online USA, buy legal weed online USA.  Safe place to buy weed online Europe, Buy Marijuana online with bitcoins worldwide.  Buy marijuana online with worldwide shipping .

Popular indica marijuana strains

There are many indica strains to try, many of which you may be familiar. Check your  dispensary for these popular indica weed strains.

  • What are hybrid marijuana strains?

Hybrid strains are bred from both indica- and sativa-descended plants. Due to the long history of crossbreeding cannabis strains—much of it was historically done underground to evade authorities—strains that have pure indica or pure sativa lineages are rare. Most strains referred to as “indica” or “sativa” are, in fact, hybrids, with genetics inherited from both subspecies.  order weed online at Weed4high Cannabis Dispensary. Buy weed online . We know no borders and thus ship worldwide right after we receive your payment via BTC and gift cards. BEST 

Hybrid effects

Since hybrid marijuana strains derive genetics from indicas and sativas, their ensuing effects can also pull from both indica and sativa strains. Common effects include happy, euphoric, uplifting, energetic, relaxing—it all depends on which hybrid you consume and what effects its “parent” strains are known to produce.

Looking at a hybrid’s lineage (its parent strains) may give you a better sense of what kind of effects it will produce; for example, if it has more indica in its lineage, it might have effects more associated with those weed strains.  Buy cannabis online Malaysia, buy cheap weed online usa, buy grams of weed online, buy kush online USA, buy legal weed online USA, buy marijuana for sale  USA, buy marijuana online Asia, buy marijuana online Australia, buy marijuana online CA, buy marijuana online discreet packaging, buy marijuana online Europe, buy marijuana online Kuwait.

Popular hybrid marijuana strains

There’s certainly no shortage of hybrid strains on the market, and some of the most popular you’ll come across are also among the most iconic.

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Medical benefits of Sativa Marijuana Strains

1 | Elevates Mood

This is certainly not to say that anyone who consumes a sativa or sativa-dominant cannabis strain will experience an elevated mood. In fact, as we mentioned earlier many individuals experience increased anxiety with pure sativas – pretty much the opposite of an enhanced mood.

From a therapeutic perspective, however, elevated mood is surely one of the top sativa effects that people use the strain for medically. mail order weed online.

2 | Increases Energy

Another common medical use of sativa strains is to increase energy levels and promote productivity. Know as a daytime “social strain,” sativas tend to spark activity, reduce levels of apathy, and promote the desire to engage with others in a social setting.

In other words, you might say that medical sativa effects are more or less the opposite of indica strains, where all you want to do is chill on the couch, listen to music, and fall asleep).

3 | Improves Appetite

While both sativa and indica strains could probably be used effectively to increase appetite, sativas appear to be the preferable choice. In fact, several scientific publications have alluded to the notion that the medical effects of sativa strains include appetite enhancement. mail order weed online.

In one of these publications, it was suggested that “…the ability of [C. sativa] to promote eating has been documented for many centuries … [many users report] strong cravings for, and an intensification of, the sensory and hedonic properties of food.” In other words, sativa strains spark your appetite — big time.

4 | Helps with Depression

Given the well-established ability to help promote energy levels, lower apathy, and elevate mood, it only stands to reason that one of the most common medical benefits of sativa marijuana strains is to ease symptoms of depression. mail order weed online.

Often, patients that are diagnosed with depression find it difficult to find meaning in day-to-day life and everyday situations. They are overcoming with a sense of apathy and find that nothing is worthwhile. In our experience – and not to mention the experience of millions of cannabis users worldwide – a potent sativa strain would work wonders in helping to mitigate (and possibly even reverse) these feelings.

5 | Promotes Creativity and Focus

Not that a lack of creativity should really be defined as a “medical condition,” but a lack of focus certainly would be – especially given the prevalence of things like adult onset ADHD in the United States.

In this particular instance however, the medical effects of sativa strains in terms of promoting focus and creativity would largely be dependent on the chemical makeup of the individual in question – perhaps more so than any other condition. mail order weed online. However, increased focus would surely be more of a symptom of a sativa strain than an indica strain.

Medical Uses of Sativa Strains: Wrapping it All Up

As you can see, the medical uses of sativa marijuana strains are largely centered around increased energy and elevated mood. While indica strains are famous for producing the stereotpcial “stoning effect” (i.e. gazing aimlessly into nothing), sativas are much more centered around laughter and social activity. When you hear about those uncontrollable fits of the giggles that people get when high, it’s likely due to a sativa strain. mail order weed online.

With that in mind, the most obvious medical benefits of sativa marijuana strains are to improve mood disorders, decrease levels of depression, and promote happiness and social interaction. If these sound like effects that may benefit you therapeutically, perhaps try and pick a good landrace sativa flower on your next dispensary visit — if you can find one.

Best sativa strains available in Denver include: Sour Diesel, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze. 

Indicas are a marijuana strain type known to produce calming effects. Medical marijuana patients choose indicas to aid in sleep and reduce pain. This type of strain is ideal for evening use and for activities that require little to no physical activity. Examples of popular indica strains include Purple Punch, Ice Cream Cake, and Zkittlez. mail order weed online. Use this collection to discover more indica marijuana strains and their effects.

Medical benefits for Indica Marijuana Strains

Medical Indica Effects #1 | Promotes Sleep

It has long been common knowledge that one of the best (if not the best) medical use for indica strains is to promote sleep. Not long ago in fact, a report was published in the Swiss academic journal Medicines. It claimed that cannabis flower was correlated with “significant improvements in perceived insomnia,” and that flower from sativa strains was “associated with more negative side effects than flower from [indica] plant subtypes.”

The general takeaway here? Indica marijuana strains are without a doubt your best option if you’re looking to get a better night’s sleep — and there is now scientific evidence to prove it.

Medical Indica Effects #2 | Relieves Stress and Anxiety

This may seem odd given that indica effects are typically more dominant on the body than they are the mind, but it has long been held that high-CBD cannabis is preferable over high-THC cannabis when it comes to anxiety relief. And of course, as we discussed earlier, CBD is more prevalent in indica weed than it is in sativa.

In fact, a recent 2013 study has verified as much, claiming that CBD “…reduces the effects of THC on several behavioral functions,” and that it is known to “…reduce anxiety and improve the sensation of well being [that is induced] by a high THC dose.”

Medical Indica Effects #3 | Relaxes Muscles

Out of the top-12 strains that Leafly reviewers have identified as being the best muscle relaxers, only one of them (Amnesia) was a sativa strain. The other 11 were either pure indica breeds or indica-dominant hybrids. mail order weed online.

Some of the strains that provide the best medical indica effects for spasticity are Northern Lights, Romulan, Nine-Pound Hammer, Platinum Kush, Critical Kush, and Vanilla Kush – all of which are born-and-bred indicas.

Medical Indica Effects #4 | Reduces Seizures

Back in 2018, the pharmaceutical drug Epidiolex (created by G.W. Pharmaceuticals) became designated as the first ever natural cannabis medication to receive FDA approval. Used to treat rare forms of epilepsy that can cause hundreds of seizures per week in victims, the drug is now available for prescription use.

Why is this relevant in terms of the medical benefits of indica weed? Well, Epidiolex is a CBD-based medication. As we have discussed a couple of times now, indica cannabis has been designated in a scientific publication to contain more CBD than its sativa counterparts. mail order weed online.

Medical Indica Effects #5 | Decreases Inflammation and Pain

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is a globally-recognized organization dedicated to “advancing legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research.” In their educational resource titled the ASA “Guide to Using Medical Cannabis,” one of the top therapeutic effects of indica cannabis was to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Again, this is likely due to the presence of full-spectrum CBD in indica-dominant weed varieties. Things like pure CBD oils and CBD-infused lotions have been known to work wonders in recent years at minimizing inflammation, and given the dominant genetic profile of landrace indica strains, it makes perfect sense why. mail order weed online.

A Brief Summary on the Top Medical Uses for Indica Strains

All in all, it is pretty clear that there is a pattern here when discussing some of the top medical uses for indica marijuana strains. Research investigations have pointed out that indica plants tend to have more CBD than sativa, and we see that the majority of indica effects are consistent with the perceived effects of CBD. Namely, we see that indica strains are commonly used for:

  • Sleep and insomnia

  • Anxiety relief

  • Inflammation relief

  • Seizure reduction

  • Muscle spasticity

If you suffer from any one of these conditions and would like to try and use medical cannabis as a natural therapy, we recommend trying to find a proven indica breed like Northern Lights, Afghan Kush, or Romulan. All of these strains should be relatively easy to find if you have access to a cannabis dispensary.

If you can’t find them, however, simply ask one of the budtenders if they have something similar – if they know their job at all, they should relatively easily be able to point you in the right direction of good medical uses for indica marijuana strains. mail order weed online.

Hybrid weed

Hybrid strains can be a combination of any plant varieties and will typically depict phenotypes that are either sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, or equally balanced. Hybrid weed plants may also contain genetics from ruderalis varieties, a third variety of the cannabis plant that isn't dependent on light exposure to start flowering, a process known as “auto-flowering.”

Hybrids are a marijuana strain type that contain both indica and sativa genetics, allowing them to produce both types of effects. Hybrid are generally regarded by consumers as enjoyable and can be both energizing and relaxing, depending on specific strain lineage. Common types of hybrid strains are classified as being indica-dominant hybrid or sativa-dominant hybrid.  Use this collection to discover more hybrid marijuana strains and their effects.

Hybrid effects all depend on the genetics of the parent plants. The effects can begin with the head high of sativa strains and gradually provide a body high of indica strains. The THC count on this strain type can very high and are mostly grown indoors for best yield and potency results. mail order weed online.

Other Hybrid Effects:

  • Happy

  • Talkative

  • Sleepy

  • Hungry

  • Creative

  • Focused   


  • Hybrid strains are great for all-around use. You can use hybrids to help with medical conditions in the morning, afternoon, or night depending on the plant’s genetics. Hybrids are largely available in the market because of yield size, effects, and wide-range of medical benefits. Breeders and growers love to make new strains, the majority being hybrids. mail order weed online.

  • Other Medical Uses:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Pain

  • Stress

  • Insomnia

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