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Best Strains of weed for sleep

People report having good results with the following strains when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Just keep in mind that strains can vary from brand to brand, so your experience might be different depending on the product you use.

1. Hindu Kush

Depending on how much THC is in the product, Hindu Kush can be suitable for moderate to experienced consumers who want a potent indica widely reported to lull the sleep-challenged into a slumber.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 15 to 32 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

2. Grandaddy Purple

This is another indica strain that’s actually purple in color and is known for its sedating, muscle-relaxing effects. It’s a classic cultivar beloved by the sleep-challenged — but watch that THC content! If you don’t have much experience with cannabis, beware the mid-to-high end of the spectrum.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 12.5 to 32 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

3. Harlequin

If you’re hesitant about the psychoactive effects of THC, research suggests that consuming THC with a decent amount of CBD may mellow things out a bit.

Harlequin is a “1:1” strain , meaning it has nearly equal amounts of CBD and THC. It’s a good option if you’re new to cannabis or find that high-THC products make you feel anxious or paranoid. Its higher CBD content may also work better for folks dealing with pain-related sleep issues.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 7 to 15 percent

  • CBD: 8 to 10 percent

4. Grape Ape

Interested in exploring a strain high in myrcene, one of the terpenes suspected of being good for sleep? Consider Grape Ape, which can have a moderate to high amount of THC and is typically rich in this earth compound.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 15 to 25 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

5. Girl Scout Cookies

Experienced consumers looking for a powerful sleep aid might want to consider Girl Scout Cookies, a high-THC, indica-dominant hybrid strain. It’s also rich in caryophyllene, another terpene that might be good for sleep.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 25 to 28 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

6. Pink Kush

A classic strain beloved by nighttime consumers, Pink Kush is another indica fave in the kush family with body-relaxing effects.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 12 to 35 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent


While existing research Trusted Source suggests that THC is largely responsible for cannabis’ sedating effects, it’s unclear if you actually need to consume that much of it.

ACDC combines a low amount of THC with higher levels of CBD. Just keep in mind that CBD may make you feel a bit alert.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 1 to 6 percent

  • CBD: 14 to 20 percent

8. Gelato

While lots of consumers love this strain for hanging out with friends, it’s also known to have warm, comforting effects that may be useful for unwinding at home.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 17 to 25 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

9. Sherbert

Also known as Sunset Sherbert, this is another strain frequently reported to have warm, calming effects that are helpful for both social gatherings and pre-bed routines.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 15 to 24 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

10. Wedding Cake

A cross between Cherry Pie and GSC, Wedding Cake can have relaxing, calming effects, but watch for its appetite-stimulating properties — consume after dinner if you’re headed to bed.

THC and CBD content:

  • THC: 16 to 25 percent

  • CBD: <1 percent

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